The purpose of this article is to provide the importance and essentials with an optimal knowledge of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), their significance to teaching and learning, and advocating the optimum planning to enforce the technology of GIS in classroom. In the secondary or higher secondary education of Malaysia the study of GIS is not progressively implemented, but in the recent curriculum, some changes have been implemented and some of the part of Geography has been added. Although it is not in its best to meet the requirements of international standards. Nevertheless, in the curriculum of higher secondary education advance geography has been added as optional course. The Malaysian universities will be facing new confrontations in regenerating the curriculum of Geographic information system(GIS) to meet the international standards and also train the geography teachers as well to get the required results. GIS will play a vital role in the understanding of environment and their derivatives. GIS applications are very helpful to facilitate the students and teachers by graphical representation of data sets.